Parent Letter

March 16, 2020


Dear Parents,

We are living in difficult yet interesting times. Mrs. Tubbs and I are very sad not to have day to day contact with your children and will miss all their creative ideas, fun stories and yes, even challenges they present each class period.

On the flip side, it is a time to embrace family - cooking together, eating together, playing games, praying together and connecting without the distraction of running everywhere. Let’s look at this as in a positive light and TRUST that God has this! It is time to make new schedules - If you can stay home with your children, I encourage you to:

  • Get up the same time every day - Say a morning prayer

  • Make a schedule - let your older children help with this task

  • Write it down

  • Include prayer time, play time, outdoor fun, chores, reading, naptime (if this is appropriate for your child’s age) and yes some school work.

  •  Go to bed at the same time each night - Don't forget night prayer


Even if you are not able to stay home full time with your child, we have given you some activities to continue working on many of the skills your children have acquired during this school year.

Included in this packet are two letter of the week worksheets - V and W. Please have your child write their name and then use a variety of crayons to trace over the four letters. We call this Rainbow Writing. The cheer for each letter is also included to read with them. Next a  variety of tracing and cutting sheets are ready for your child to keep their fine motor skills. Directions are on each sheet. A more advanced sheet of ovals to decorate and cut can be used if your child is able to do it. Three connect the dots using numbers are also included to continue counting and number recognition. Once again the dot to dot easter egg is more challenging.

Two art projects have been sent home. One is their Lenten Poster - a picture has been included to help your child and you know what it should look like. We have also given you an orange Easter Egg to have them cut out and decorate with foam stickers. They are also encouraged to color or add other items from home.

Please check out the website - more activities and maybe even stories read by Mrs. Tubbs and Mrs. Zajicek will be available for you to click on and enjoy.


United in Christ,

Mrs. Zajicek and Mrs. Tubbs

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