Parent Letter

November 6, 2019

Dear Parents,

During our Color theme we read A Color of His Own, Teeny Tiny Mouse, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and My Crayons Talk. All these books reviewed colors and had great illustrations. 

We created our own chameleon mixing the three primary colors to create new colors. These are on display above your child’s locker. We used Q Tips as a paint brush so they could be more accurate where they were painting. Each child had their own color tray to mix their own paint. They were very excited as they mixed the two colors.

Each time we have a worksheet or project some of the time is spent helping them practice recognizing their name card and then writing their names on their project. Hopefully you will see less yellow marker lines as the year continues.

For gym colored pieces of paper were put up. A child then drew a matching color card and a different child drew an animal picture. The students were instructed to move to the color like the animal that was picked.

We put together new color discovery bottles for our science center. The children helped pick out matching colored items from a container and added them to their bottle filled with white rice. These are ready for the children to shake and find the items. 

Thank you for sending appropriate outdoor clothing for our weather. They enjoyed playing in the snow.

Our theme for the next week will be learning about the First Thanksgiving.

 Please help your child bring in one item from home that starts with the letter Ff for our Letter parade on Thursday. Thank you in advance. If they want to bring it in early, we do have a letter box to keep it in until our parade.


Snack Schedule: Please provide snack for 11 children and two adults - 13 total. Mrs. Tubbs and I like to model good behavior when eating to help encourage the children to try everything and eat politely. Thank you in advance for providing a week of healthy snacks when it is your turn. Ideas for snack could be: any fruit or vegetable, crackers, yogurt, pretzels, cheese and sausage, jello, granola bars, banana bread just to name a few. 


November 12 - Kaylee Schreiber

November 19 - Leighton Seidl

November 26 - Jackson Van Schyndel 

December 3 - Dylan Bauman   


God Bless You,

Mrs. Zajicek and Mrs. Tubbs

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