Parent Letter

January 15, 2020


Dear Parents,

We finished our unit on Winter. We worked hard making our shadow boxes creating a snowman from marshmallows, a house from an old milk container and we even used buttons for a snowy sky. We mixed glue with shaving cream to make our puffy snow. These are on display above our lockers.


While making the house the children were able to practice counting 1-10 or even higher as we held the pieces on to help them stay put.

I have kept their O rainbow writing paper so I can see who still needs help with their name. This next semester we will practice often so each child can be successful when they go to 4K.

The stories we read were Sneezy the Snowman, Snow Dance and Froggy Gets Dressed.

In gym the children successfully played Clean up your backyard. Two teams with a line (fence) down the middle of the gym try to throw all the snowballs on their side of the gym into their neighbor’s yard or side. It was the first year that the children did not cross the line to try and get snowballs from their neighbor’s side. This was a very exciting day!

In music the children are learning songs for Catholic Schools Week. Please know that your child is encouraged to attend the Sunday mass and sing after Communion with the whole school as well as attend Grandparents day the following Friday. Please check Mrs. Cowart’s family letter for all the details. I have put the songs onto my website under the games section. Two songs have a video and two just play the music. We have also added practicing these songs into our weekly schedule.

Next week, we will begin a two week unit on Careers. We will talk about why we need to work and how God has given each of us special talents to help serve Him in this world.


 Please help your child bring in one item from home that starts with the letter Qq for our Letter parade on Thursday. Thank you in advance. If they want to bring it in early, we do have a letter box to keep it in until our parade.


Snack Schedule: Please provide snack for 11 children and two adults - 13 total. Mrs. Tubbs and I like to model good behavior when eating to help encourage children to try everything and eat politely. Thank you in advance for providing a week of healthy snacks when it is your turn.  


January 21 - Asher Lamers

January 28 - Roman Olson

February 4 - Zoey Pynenberg

February 11 - Kaylee Schreiber

God Bless You,

Mrs. Zajicek and Mrs. Tubbs


It is not too early to begin Valentine Cards for their friends at school. Please have your child write only their name on the card. Writing their name a few times each night could be their homework until the job is done. Some parents give their child a bigger heart to write their name so they have more space.

By writing only their name it easier for the child to hand out their cards giving one to each friend. You may also add stickers, a little candy or prize if you wish. We have 11 students in our classroom.

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