Parent Letter

April 14, 2021


Dear Parents,

We completed our unit on future careers this past week. The children finished designing and drawing their city buildings by setting up a variety of blocks on their poster board and then tracing each one. Wednesday their designs were painted at the art easel. Thursday the students colored different people to place in our city. All of these are displayed on our classroom bulletin board. I will send a picture when it is complete.

Tuesday we read When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic. Many of the careers shown in this book were really funny. Now the students keep talking about becoming an armpit sniffer. It is fun to think about all the possibilities.

Wednesday we were a little more serious and read What Does a Priest Do? And What Does A Nun Do? The children learned about this important career and then we made thank you cards to some of my friends who are Priests and Nuns including Father Walter and Deacon Jeff.

Thursday each child participated in show and tell. They took their turn showing us their attire and explaining what they might want to be when they grow up. We then talked about what gifts God gives to someone that chooses their career. Example: Police Officers must be very brave and kind, Teachers must love children and be good at explaining things. Thank you for helping your child to make this day special.

The children continued to enjoy our new areas to practice cutting baby’s hair, Nail polishing center and Science Lab. We also added a fun wooden pizza making kit to the kitchen area.

In gym class the students learned how to play High Five Tag. One person is it and tags the others. If you are tagged, you must stop and put up your hand for a high five. The others can free you by high fiving your hand. We did have one student who was able to tag everyone and win the game.

Next week we will learn about Spring Animals and our letter will be X.


One in Christ,

Mrs. Zajicek

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